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Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity 

Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity Class (8 Hours) (Price: £20)


This class is meticulously designed to guide individuals through the fundamental principles and practices of effective time management. Aimed at enhancing productivity in both personal and professional spheres, the course spans 8 hours and is segmented into focused modules. Participants will embark on a comprehensive journey, starting with the basics of time management, moving through goal setting and prioritization, planning and scheduling, overcoming common time management challenges, exploring useful tools, and finally, integrating these strategies into daily life for sustained success.

Skills You Will Develop

Managing Tasks

Leadership and Organization

Strategic Planning

Creating and Implementing Plans

Outcome of the Class

Upon completion of the Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity class, participants will have achieved the following outcomes:

Enhanced Understanding of Time Management Principles

Improved Planning and Prioritization Skills

Increased Productivity

Overcome Time Management Challenges

Familiarity with Time Management Tools

Habit Formation and Work-Life Balance

Action Plan for Integration 

There are 4 modules in this course: 

Module 1: Introduction to Time Management (2 Hours)

Overview of Time Management: Understanding its importance in achieving personal and professional goals.

Key Concepts: Prioritization, goal setting, and the distinction between urgent and important tasks.

Self-Assessment: Identifying personal time management strengths and areas for improvement.

Module 2: Setting Goals and Planning and Scheduling (2 Hours)

SMART Goals: Defining specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.

Creating a Time Management Plan: Tools and strategies for effective planning, including calendars and to-do lists.

Scheduling Tips: Balancing flexibility and structure in your daily schedule.

Module 3: Overcoming Time Management Challenges and Tools (2 Hours)

Identifying Time Wasters: Common personal and professional time wasters and strategies to avoid them.

Digital Tools and Apps: Overview of popular time management and productivity tools.

Non-Digital Tools: The role of planners, journals, and other non-digital tools in managing time.

Module 4: Integrating Time Management into Daily Life (2 Hours)

Building Habits for Long-Term Success: Strategies for making effective time management a daily habit.

Work-Life Balance: Maintaining productivity while ensuring personal well-being.

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