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Signing a Contract



Signing a Contract

Welcome to Your Briefing on Insurance and Health Services!

As you prepare for your educational journey in the UK, understanding your health insurance coverage and the services provided by the National Health Service (NHS) is crucial. This briefing aims to clarify the insurance that comes with your student visa and how to access free NHS services, ensuring you stay healthy and focused on your studies.

Health Insurance Included in Your Student Visa

Your student visa includes a health surcharge, granting you access to the NHS during your stay in the UK, similar to a UK resident. This covers most services, including appointments with a General Practitioner (GP), hospital treatments, and emergency services. While comprehensive, this coverage does not extend to certain dental and optical treatments and some specialized services. It's advisable to explore additional insurance options for these areas if necessary.

Registering with the NHS

GP Registration: Upon arrival, one of your first steps should be registering with a local GP near your accommodation. You'll need your NHS number (which you'll receive upon registration), proof of address, and your student visa.

NHS Number: Keep your NHS number safe, as you'll need it to access healthcare services. If you lose it, your GP can help you retrieve it.

Accessing Free NHS Services

Making Appointments: Once registered, you can book appointments with your GP for health concerns. Most universities have health centers on campus or partnerships with local practices.

Emergency Services: In emergencies, you can visit hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments. For non-emergency situations requiring medical advice, call the NHS 111 service.

Prescriptions: Medications prescribed by your GP are dispensed for a standard charge, though some students may qualify for discounts or exemptions.

Additional Insurance Considerations

Travel Insurance: If you plan to travel during your studies, consider purchasing travel insurance for coverage outside the UK.

Private Health Insurance: Some students opt for private health insurance for quicker access to specialists and non-covered treatments like dental or optical care.

Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Services: The NHS and most universities offer mental health support. Don't hesitate to seek help if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Take advantage of university sports facilities and student wellness programs to keep healthy and balanced.

Your health and wellbeing are as important as your academic success. By understanding your health insurance coverage and how to access NHS services, you can ensure a safe and healthy study experience in the UK. Remember, early registration with a GP and familiarizing yourself with available health services are key steps in your preparation.

We wish you a healthy and fulfilling educational journey in the UK. Safe travels!

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