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Extending Your Visa 

Purpose: The post-graduate visa is designed for international students who have successfully completed a degree in the UK and wish to stay longer to work or look for work

Extending Your Visa While In The UK (Free Webinar/ Paid-Service)


Welcome to Your Guide on Visa Extension for Post-Graduate Studies!

Embarking on post-graduate studies or exploring work opportunities in the UK after your course can be a thrilling prospect. Understanding the process and requirements for extending your visa is crucial for a seamless transition. This briefing aims to provide you with essential information on extending your visa in the UK, focusing on the post-graduate visa.

Overview of the Post-Graduate Visa

Duration: The visa allows you to stay in the UK for 2 years after completing your studies (3 years for doctoral graduates).

If you're interested, please provide your contact information. We'll reach out to offer further explanations.

Please note that registration is first come first served due to limited number of contestants. 
If you have any enquiries, please contact our WhatsApp or send an email (

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